H.E. Minister Lina Annab Enjoys Indonesian Batik and Culinary Diplomacy in Jordan

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Amman, 8 April 2018, H.E. Lina Annab, Minister of Tourism of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, attended a cultural diplomacy event by displaying the promotion of batik and culinary, organized the Indonesian Embassy in Amman.


Indonesian Ambassador, H.E.  Andy Rachmianto, occasionally explained the type of batik that was exhibited in the event, titled The Richness of Indonesian Heritage: Batik Show, Accessories and Culinary, at Indonesian Ambassador Residence.


Batik is a beautiful combination of art and craft, which is becoming more and more popular and well known, spreading from Indonesia to many parts of the world. The art of decorating fabric by using wax and dye, has been practiced for centuries. In Indonesia, batik is part of an ancient tradition. Some of the finest batik cloth in the world is made in Java Island, where batik was born. Over the centuries the batik culture also adopted in most regions in Indonesia, became a national symbol and part of Indonesian daily lifestyle.


In October 2009, UNESCO formally recognized Indonesian Batik as one of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Since then, every year, Indonesian celebrates the 2nd of October as National Batik Day.


“Batik is one of Indonesia’s heirloom richness that has been recognized by the world through UNESCO and today I bring them to all of you” said Ambassador Andy.


Minister Lina Annab, who attended as a special guest, enjoyed a cup of Luwak coffee while watching the Indonesian model walking in the runway. The audience, which consist among others from the government officials, ambassadors, businessmen, academics, artists, were being explained about the history of batik and its various types in Indonesia.


After the screening of a documentary video about Batik, the show begins with an official batik dress and accessories that are gracefully presented by the members of the Indonesian Ladies Association. The demonstration continued with a casual dress that adopts a mix of authentic and traditional batik styles in the form of modern and contemporary pieces. This second demonstration shows that Batik is not only considered a traditional heritage, but also can be used in a modern lifestyle.


Between the two shows, the audience was entertained by the Indonesian Diaspora, performing Ondel-Ondel dance, that inspired by traditional puppet art of Betawi. Betawi is one of Indonesian ethnic group, an indigenous inhabitant of the capital city Jakarta. Like other regions, Betawi also has their own Batik. The influence of the Batik culture from Central Java was adopted and developed further by Betawi people with the touch of their uniqueness. Batik Betawi represented using bright and striking colors as well as the specific patterns, enriched by the influence of Dutch, Chinese, and Arabian styles.


Minister Lina and the invitees also observed the Batik process which was exhibited by Indonesian Embassy and joined the mini Batik making workshop.


After the demonstration of art and culture, Ambassador Andy invited the audience to taste the traditional Indonesian cuisine, namely chicken satay, chicken soup, seafood fried noodles, especially the famous Kopi Luwak (Coffee Luwak) and the Indonesian traditional tea. While enjoying the meals, the audience also saw Indonesian tourism video of “10 New Bali”, showing various tourism sites, such as sea, mountains, historical relics and shopping centers.